Mr. Drake's Class

Updated for the week of October 9-13,  2017

7th Grade Math: The 7th graders are in our second week of the Hands on Equation Unit.  Today we introduced algebraic notation and negative integers.  The rest of the week we will integrate integers into more complex linear functions and have our unit assessment next Tuesday.    

6th Math: The 6th graders are exploring fractional relationships.  Today we created fraction strips from halves up to twelths to visualize equivalent fractions.  We will using some apps in class this week to cultivate skills with fractions so encourage your students to play some of these games with you at home! 

7th and 8th Grade Science: The 7th and 8th graders explored how energy flows in an ecosystem today and went to the creek to identify producers, comsumers, and decomposers.  Tomorrow we will be launching our chapter project which will be to construct compost chambers.  Later in the week we will be investigating cycles of matter and biogeography before moving onto biomes.

6th Grade Science: The 6th graders started exploring water supply and demand.  We are looking at how humans use water and how to conserve it.  We also will be looking at how water is drawn from the ground or other source and treated before we are able to drink it.  Students wil also launch their chapter project this week which will be to design a water treament system to treat one liter of dirty water.

Events:  Thursday morning will be our Fun Run at BHS.  We will leave LaMotte around 9 am and return to school about 11:15